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about me

Jack of all trades, Master of some

I studied Architecture at the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi and Interaction Design at National Institute of Design, Bangalore. Co-founded 1.Studio in 2013.

Constantly learning new skills and sponge-bobbing random trivia. Currently obsessed with podcasts from the intellectual dark web.

How to find me in the urban wilderness:

Natural Habitat : Locked in a dim room with warm lighting, tinkering with whatever I am currently working on or obsessively cleaning things.

Easily falls prey to : discussions on futurism, politics, technology, our AI overlords to-be, the intellectual dark web, Youtube, TED, food videos on the interweb, music for musicians and lonely guitars

Known to make cover songs on his acoustic guitar and post them on his youtube channel every-sometimes.

say hi!

I'm currently looking for a full-time role as a UX Designer/Product Designer. Please leave a message if you're looking to hire/ collaborate.